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Genres: Drama , Western
Actors: Henry Fonda , Linda Darnell , Victor Mature , Cathy Downs , Walter Brennan , Tim Holt , Ward Bond , Alan Mowbray , John Ireland , Roy Roberts , Jane Darwell , Grant Withers , J. Farrell MacDonald , Russell Simpson
Director: John Ford
Country: United States
Year: 1946
IMDB Rating: 7.8/10 (11281 votes)

Wyatt Earp and his brothers Morgan and Virgil ride into Tombstone and leave brother James in charge of their cattle herd. On their return they find their cattle stolen and James dead. Wyatt takes on the job of town marshal, making his brothers deputies, and vows to stay in Tombstone until James’ killers are found. He soon runs into the brooding, coughing, hard-drinking Doc Holliday as well as the sullen and vicious Clanton clan. Wyatt discovers the owner of a trinket stolen from James’ dead body and the stage is set for the Earps’ long-awaited revenge.

Film Review

You need to understand that I have a problem when it comes to historical films. You see, I am a history teacher and when I watch films, I always look to be certain that the film makers get this side of the films right. Often they don't and this often ruins films for me that might still appeal to the public in general. I see history as sacrosanct and just can't stand to see Hollywood play fast and loose with the truth. Because of this, I have long avoided this and other films about the famed gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Why? Well, because this was a very, very, very minor occurrence in western history–yet it's been completely blown out of proportion. In addition, the facts of the story (despite John Ford's claim to the contrary) are muddied with time–and none of the films seem to get the essence of who the people involved were. Heck, many times the films don't even agree with each other. And, sadly, there have been some god-awful versions of this story–the w…

John Ford's much-loved Western telling the story of the Earp boys and 'Doc' Holliday taking on the Clanton men at the OK Corrall stands up today as a quietly impressive film, one deserving of the reputation it has garnered over the years.The Western genre has not always been a favourite of mine and it's only really in recent years that I've started to view, and thoroughly enjoy, outings such as Once Upon A Time In The West, High Noon, the "Dollars" trilogy and other acclaimed titles. I say this because, despite enjoying what I saw in My Darling Clementine, it never quite struck me personally as a true classic (as some see it) although it really is a damn good film.Henry Fonda plays Wyatt Earp and Victor Mature plays 'Doc' Holliday and the two do very well in their respective roles, Fonda bringing a calm, rugged nobility to his character while Mature stays just within the performance parameters of likable drunken grouch. Walter Brennan plays…